Law and social innovation

In the framework of the relationships between law and social development, many lines of research are active within the Department of Law.

A research project was activated and financed with the funds of the Department of excellence, on the issues regarding the role of law in managing the new challenges connected to migration phenomena. Its title is Innovation4Inclusion and it focuses on how law can be a crucial tool in building an inclusive society. The project involves, in this perspective, many scientific areas and issues, such as: the perspectives of change in criminal law, to make it coherent with the needs of a globalized post-modern society; the construction of effective tools in public law, to build social and political integration in a safe and inclusive community; the need to grant foreigners  in detention clear and adequate legal safeguards and resocialization opportunities; the construction of stronger legal sefaguards  for foreign suspects in the criminal justice system; the problem of assimilation of different traditions in the perspective of food law.

            In the Department of Law, other lines of research were activated on relevant issues regarding the relationships between law and social development and innovation, such as: collective proceedings and social dimension of justice; family and criminal mediation techniques, historical perspectives of social, juriducal and innovation development.