Bando Visiting Professors



Within the frame of the project “Dipartimento d’eccellenza”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the Department of Law of the University of Macerata issues this call to foster the incoming mobility of scholars from universities and research institutions abroad, in order to enhance the quality of and expand its didactic and research activities during the academic year 2019/2020.
The herein public call seeks to initiate a mobility process involving international high profile scholars with the purpose of implementing the activities included within the project “Dipartimento d’eccellenza”.
In the light of the above-mentioned project, the Department of Law of the University of Macerata would expect its Visiting Professors to contribute to the teaching and research activities of the Department, and to foster cooperation between the University of Macerata and the universities and research institutions of provenance.

Article 1

The University of Macerata issues hereby a public call for selecting two Visiting Professors for each academic semester, who will be hosted at the Department of Law.
This call for applications is intended for scholars who, at the sending universities or research institutions, fill positions equivalent to those of Full Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor existing in Italian universities.
The Visiting Professors are required to stay at the University of Macerata for a period of fifteen days (type A) or one month (type B) during the chosen semester. In the first semester the visiting period will start on 15th September 2019 and end by 15thDecember 2019, while in the second semester it will start on 15th February 2020 and end by 15th May 2020.
The University of Macerata will award a grant to scholars with proven experience in teaching and scientific research at universities or research institutions abroad.
During their stay at the Department of Law the Visiting Professors have to carry out standard teaching activities (like seminars, teaching units or course modules), also in the form of co-teaching activities in collaboration with the academic staff of the Department. They may be required to cooperate in research projects conducted by academic staff of the Department on the topic “Law and Innovation”, as well.

Article 2

Eligible candidates are scholars who, within the deadline for application, fill positions equivalent to those of Full Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor existing in Italian universities. They are required to collaborate for a period of 15 days or one month (respectively type A and type B), carrying out teaching activities during the academic year 2019/2020.
Visiting Professors who do not receive any financial support in similar projects shall be given priority in the selection process.

Article 3
Financial Arrangements

Visiting Professors will be paid the gross amount of:

– € 3.000,00 (type A) – 15 days;
– € 5.000,00 (type B) – one month.

Such amounts are inclusive of tax and social security contribution to be borne by the recipient who can use the amount to cover travel expenses, board and accommodation, and medical expenses, as well as any expenditure sustained for obtaining a visa or permit in case of non-EU citizens.
The contribution is subject to legal costs.
The Department of Law will provide Visiting Professors with a fully equipped room for study and research in the Department premises, free access to libraries and laboratories.
During their stay, Visiting Professors will be supported by a Department Representative who will make sure they get successfully involved in the local academic and city life.
The University of Macerata will pay Visiting Professors a flat-rate reimbursement in keeping with Paragraph 1 of this Article. Payments will be issued as follow: 50% of the grant will be paid at the beginning of the period after all administrative procedures have been carried out, while the remaining 50% will be paid at the end of the stay, upon submission of a final report.
At the end of the period, Visiting Professors shall submit a final report in English to be approved by the Consiglio di Dipartimento (Department Council).
If due to unexpected circumstances, Visiting Professors cannot perform all activities of the programme according to which they have been successfully selected, the grant may be reduced proportionally.

Article 4

During their stay at the University of Macerata, Visiting Professors have to engage in the following activities:
– provide at least 15 hours of standard teaching in BA courses, MA/single-cycle courses, PhD courses;
– take part in the activities of research groups of the Department on the topic “Law and Innovation”;
– draw a final and conclusive report in English to be approved by the Consiglio di Dipartimento (Department Council).

Article 5
Application and Deadlines

Applications for the herein public selection must be sent to the following email address:
Applications must include:
– CV with a list of publications, details on ongoing and past research projects (including those funded through competitive calls for proposals) and on conferences and/or seminars held as a speaker;
–  plan of teaching activities to be carried out during the period of stay in the following format: course title, number of course hours, course objectives, course programme (maximum 800 words or 6000 characters);
–  description of the research activities to be carried out during the period of stay (maximum 800 words or 6000 characters);
–  letter of motivation stating possible collaborative activity to be carried out with the University of Macerata (including mention of specific researchers or research topics) – (maximum 400 words);
–  chosen type of position (A 15 days – B one month);
–  chosen period of stay (relevant semester);
–  a photocopy of the applicant’s Identity Card/passport;
–  information on whatsoever impairment, if any, to enable appropriate arrangements to be made.
Applications must be submitted by 31st March 2019

Article 6
Selection Board

Applications are assessed by the Comitato di governance (Governance Committee).
Assessment is carried out according to the following criteria:
–  applicant’s CV: evidence of research experience ensuing from published papers assessed on the grounds of international criteria (up to 50 points);
–  teaching activities and expected results (up to 25 points);
–  research activities to be carried out during visiting period (up to 10 points).
The Selection Board shall draw a ranked-list of applications worthy of funding, taking into consideration also the chosen semester specified on application forms. If successful candidates sign away their eligibility, or cannot take part in the visiting activities, they are replaced by candidates who are next in rank in the Department list of successful applicants.
Official information on assessment results and successful applicants is published by 30th April 2019 on the website of the Department of Law, University of Macerata at the page:
Successful candidates have to confirm that they accept their position of Visiting Professors at the Department of Law, sending a formal letter by 15th May 2019.

Article 7
Public Notice of Selection Results

This call along with selection results is published on the website of the Department of Law at the page:
In addition, official information concerning selection results will be sent to the email addresses applicants have provided on their application form.
Notice regarding this call is also given by means of Euraxess and the main scientific communication systems.

Article 8
The Officer in Charge

The Manager in charge of administrative proceedings in connection with this call is Antonella Bettoni, email:, tel.: +39.0733.2584336.

Article 9
Personal Data Processing

Personal data processing is regulated by Legislative Decree No. 6, of 30th June 2013 titled ‘Personal Data Protection Code’.
All personal data provided by applicants submitting their applications for selection will be processed only for the purposes connected to this call. Candidates must provide their personal data in order to enable assessment of application requirements, under penalty of exclusion from the public selection.
Applicants are entitled to legally exercise the rights set out in the above mentioned legislative decree, including the right to access their personal data, as well as complementary rights such as the right to amend, update or cancel all data that are inaccurate, incomplete or have not been collected in keeping with law provisions.

Article 10
Final Provisions

Issues not expressly covered by this call shall be regulated, where applicable, by the relevant existing Italian laws.